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Subscription Benefits

  • Get e-newspaper
  • Earn by referring others
  •  monthly subscription fees Rs.150/-

For becoming a subscriber -

  • Just provide your Name, Phone no. and email (optional) address for sign-up
  • After sign-up, you can pay the subscription amount of Rs. 150/-

  • Share the unique referral link you’ll receive after login 

  • As you refers Your Friend and he become subscriber, Not only you who gets its payment but also Your above 3 Persons Who gets its Payment too.
  • Ex: If A Refers B, B Refers C, C Refers D. Then A Will Get up to Rs.100/-, B will get up to Rs. 75/-, C will get up to Rs.50/-.There is no limit on referrals.

This is not the end, subsequently every month.

The earning to be received by the subscribers, will be generated from the subscription amount to be paid by the subscribers at the time of enrollment as subscriber of the BINDAS e-newspaper and subsequently every month.

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